Dear Church,

In accordance with the latest government announcement regarding COVID regulations and our desire to consider the safety of everyone, please follow the guidelines below at our Sunday services

· The wearing of a face covering for services is mandatory (unless you have an exemption).

· We would encourage you to please perform a lateral flow test at home before you come to church, so that you can be as confident as possible that you are Covid-free.

· Worship spaces will continue to be kept as well-ventilated as possible. You may want to dress with an extra layer or two as a result.

· We will return to the previous one-way system of entrance via Westbury Road and exit via Kingston Road and would ask you (regrettably) to leave promptly after the service/meet outside for any post-service interactions. We do not envisage reorganising the church seating, but please be mindful of others in this regard.

· Please continue to wash/sanitise hands on entry and exit.

We appreciate that there is discussion around such measures generally, but we are taught to consider the needs of others over our own, to care for the vulnerable and we are sure that we all want to enjoy as healthy a Christmas season as possible. We know you will continue to love one another in whatever ways you are able.

God bless,

The Leadership