Welcome to New Malden Baptist Church. We are based in New Malden, South West London.

Who are we at NMBC

We are a group of ordinary people on a journey exploring, experiencing and expressing the heart of God.

What you will find at NMBC

  • People from every stage and walk of life.
  • Hear messages from the Bible, relevant to faith and everyday life.
  • Contemporary, lively and reflective praise & worship. 
  • A place to pray.
  • Ways to connect and reach out.
  • That you matter to God and to us!

When we GATHER

We gather at our premises each week at 10.30am and you are welcome to join us. We upload weekly talks to our media library, please view our resources on this website.

During each Sunday morning our children’s and youth work, meet in their own groups:
  • 0-2s = Kindling/Creche
  • 3-5s (from when turn 3, plus Nursery & Reception) = Bright Sparks
  • Year 1 to Year 3 = Fire Lighters
  • Year 4 to Year 7 = Trail Blazers
  • Year 8-11 = Ignite
  • Years 12-13 encouraged to “stay in” for main sermon on Sunday morning (eg with a view to “university transition”) but could potentially join Ignite, depending on circumstances.
Sunday brunch: Occasionally on a Sunday we have a special "Worship, Brunch, Pray" event which are an opportunity to share food and fellowship with a less formal service. Please check the calendar for upcoming events as well as our Facebook page.