Sunday Services

Our Sunday Service generally consists of a time of thanks & praise (singing) followed by a talk (reading and learning from a Bible passage). There may also be times of prayer, communion (sharing bread and wine), community notices, videos, faith stories or a baptism.

Do not feel you have to do anything you aren't comfortable with. A church service can be unusual for someone not used to attending church but at NMBC you'll find a warm and friendly welcome and hopefully a rewarding, maybe even life changing, experience. 

We gather on Sunday's at our premises for a service at 10.30am with the occasional change of service to a brunch and praise where we eat together and share a time of prayer and worship. We sometimes have events where we'll share food and have fun together, please check the calendar for details. Our Children & Young People meet in their groups during part of the morning.

Children's and Youth Groups

  • 0-2s = Kindling/Crèche
  • 3-5s (from when turn 3, plus Nursery & Reception) = Bright Sparks
  • Year 1 to Year 3 = Fire Lighters
  • Year 4 to Year 7 = Trail Blazers
  • Year 8-11 = Ignite
  • Years 12-13 encouraged to “stay in” for main sermon on Sunday morning (eg with a view to “university transition”) but could potentially join Ignite, depending on circumstances.